See What We Do...

Exactly what is it we do? Simply put, we style events. We design, create, produce and manage all the aspects involved in transforming your event space, bringing all of the important elements of your special event's theme into play! Tableside and room decor including superb florals, exquisite linen, picture perfect garden foliage landscapes and most imaginative, fully dimensional prop settings. Dramatic lighting and complete, professionally staffed A/V production. And we can perfectly bring your event "to life" by welcoming your guests with our host greeters, specialty music, most entertaining shows and reviews and even exciting guest participation and team building activities. All done masterfully and completely, with much attention to the details. What we've been perfecting for over 35 years is truly an art. As importantly, it's your peace of mind. We are "The Art of the Event". Simply put, this is what we do.

And since all photos were taken at events we've produced, what you see is truly what we deliver!

...this spectacular stage and room theme presentation showcasing our sizzling Latin review, "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You!"